Manon & Manon Cafe Blanc Ballotin

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Ballotin of Manon & Manon Cafe Blanc pralines per your choice of both, Manon or Manon Cafe at a size you want.

The Manon Cafe, an original creation by Leonidas, delights connoiseurs with its white, milk or dark chocolate shell and delicious filling; and intense butter cream infused with 100% Arabica coffee, placed lightly  over a thin layer of praline (hazelnut paste) and topped with a whole hazelnut. The Manon is the same creation, but without a whole blanched hazelnut.

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Manon and Manon Cafe Blanc Ballotin
Written by Chriselda on 22nd Dec 2020

These delicious little pieces of paradise are my most favorite chocolates I have ever had. I do not like white chocolate anymore ever since I turned over 40 which now I am 46 years old. They're too sweet for me and I have been eating chocolate since I was 5 years old. I guess I would consider myself a chocolate connoisseur. Although, when I bit into these little pieces of Heaven on Earth and felt the soft and creamy texture melt onto my tongue I was not able to just immediately swallow it and take another bite. I felt impelled to actually enjoy the delicate smooth taste, close my eyes and allow the cream to dissolve slowly on my tongue as I imagined myself being world away into a beautiful world of chocolate delight! Thank you so much for allowing me to enjoy this very unique white chocolate like I was a little kid again taking the first bite into my first chocolate I have ever tasted in my life. I hope your business continues to be successful so I can allow my children's future children to experience their first chocolate taste from your excellent Shoppe! Have a happy holiday season!

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