Manon 110 Year Collection

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6 pieces of the famous Manon and Manon Cafe praline collection totaling app. 150g or 5.3 oz (weight varies +/- 10 g depending on individual pralines).

The Manon selection, an original creation by Leonidas, delights connoisseurs with its white or dark chocolate shell and delicious fillings; and intense buttercream infused with 100% Arabica coffee, placed lightly over a thin layer of praline (hazelnut paste) and Manon Cafe topped with a whole hazelnut or coffee bean.

  • Manon white - coffee butter cream and praline
  • Manon ruby - raspberry butter cream, praline and small pieces of raspberries
  • Manon caramel - caramel butter cream, praline and dash of salt
  • Manon Cafe Serre - condensed coffee butter cream, praline and coffee bean
  • Manon Cafe white - coffee butter cream, praline and a whole hazelnut
  • Manon Cafe dark - coffee butter cream, praline and a whole hazelnut


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